a couple of our very own

By Delaney
As a photographer, people imagine photos filling your walls and covering your desks. Photo albums lining the bookshelves and a new album of your kids and/or spouse every month. Not so for me. I'm lucky if I can nail down Philip during an event just to get a quick picture of the two of us, let alone to set aside a slot from our busy schedule. And don't even get me started on getting him dressed up and in one place long enough for a couples session! But I finally did it a few weeks ago.
Of course having a business partner who could take these pictures was a serious plus. Sarah did a fabulous job for us on this. Far above and beyond anything I could have done with a timer and tripod (which is not my forte). Enjoy. We certainly did.            

photos by Sarah


IMG_0952 bw.jpg
IMG_0976 bw.jpg

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